About Heliopause

Heliopause is a fan tribute dedicated to the relationship between Keith and Allura of the Voltron: Legendary Defender series. In case you were wondering what the site name means, below is a definition!

he·li·o·pause / hēlēəˌpôz/ noun. 1. The point in space at which the solar wind meets the interstellar medium.

Policy & Guidelines

Heliopause is a place for fans to gather and share in their appreciaiton for the relationship between Keith and Allura, whether it be romantic, friendship, or otherwise. It serves to promote harmony and positivity between fans alike, no matter their culture, language, orientation, identiy, etc. That being said, this site considers itself free of hate and antagonism. Submissions should be respectful of other fans who may have different viewpoints of the story, characters, relationships, and other elements of the Voltron series. At the end of the day, everyone is together because they form Voltron! ;)

Heliopause also upholds respect towards artists, writers, and all other contributers, and we kindly ask that the visitors adhere to this policy.


If you wish to get in touch, please send an email to moc.liamg (TA) gro.arazzilb. Please note that

I also have a twitter account for all my networked sites, which you can find here @blizzaraorg. Any previous layouts are posted on this page

Affiliates & Links Out

If you are a Voltron-related site or blog and would like to exchange links or affliate with Heliopause, feel free to reach out to me! (see 'Contact' above!)


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